Obama’s Triumph of Mediocrity, Google’s Thumb on the Scales of Justice

They are celebrating in the Kremlin.  The forces that have been gradually corroding America from withhin have finally acheived their crowning reward–8 years to dismantle the American economy, to destroy the American military and to repeal and replace the American work ethic.

All those hippie revolutionaries that were sneered at for several decades?  They have now indoctrinated 3 generations of Americans including Barack Obama.  And who trained them, set them in motion, motivated and sustained them?  Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to steal your fish and he will feed himself as long as you can work.  Does it really matter whether Putin is actually pulling Obama’s strings or whether Obama just acts like he is.

Their president had a plan–class warfare and an appeal to those who had the time to stay home and watch The View, who could stay up late to watch the late night shows, namely the unemployed or the slackers who could of course vote, perhaps several times.

These are the people who are citizens in name only, if they even are that.

Then there is the control of popular culture–remember, Obama invited Will Smith into the Situation Room.  Next he will invite Jay Z to fly a drone and help out with Obama’s kill list.

And always in the background–Google providing the Orwellian technology to track, sort, list, and provide levels of data about potential and actual voters that only Google has acquired.  And they will do it again in the next election for whatever candidate they back.

We have entered truly evil times, patriots.