US Considers Putting North Korea Back on Terror List: Bad News For Google

Anybody musician, film maker, author or journalist knows that all governments have failed us in one fundamental way:  they have failed to protect our property from theft.  The Internet for us has been a complete economic disaster of monumental proportions.  We look at what has happened to Sony with a mixture of empathy and amusement.

Empathy because it’s fundamentally the same thing that has been happening to us for 15 years and we know it’s a depressing experience.  Amusement because it’s fundamentally the same thing that has been happening to us for 15 years and we know it’s a depressing experience–but this time it’s happening to big enough Obama contributors that someone will pay attention.

What I find so remarkable about the Sony hack is everyone is acting surprised.  Obviously this has been coming for a long, long time.  While the government may be good at monitoring citizens and protecting its own computers, they do a piss poor job of protecting the private property of the citizenry, including Sony.

Don’t let them get away with being shocked, shocked that the Internet is being used by foreign state actors to steal the property of Americans.  This has been going on since the beginning– was protected by the Kremlin and everyone knew it and nobody said anything.

And the American corporation that benefits the most from the theft of the property of other Americans is Google and you really don’t have to look any further than YouTube where Google is in total control.  So naturally Google would be getting cozy with North Korea.

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt visited North Korea last year.  This is the first step toward Google getting into business in North Korea.  Google is very tight with the ChiComs and Putin, so why leave out Kim Jong-un?

If you look at the information that was leaked in the Sony hack, did you notice that there’s not one embarrassing leak regarding Google?  Is it really plausible that Sony Pictures had no direct communication with Google for years and years?

There’s lots of confidential information stolen by hackers that helps Google including the leak of a competitor to Google Glass (and a lot cooler looking):

Business Insider says:

Snapchat secretly acquired a company working on a Google Glass type of product in March, according to documents that leaked as a part of the Sony hacking.

Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton is also a Snapchat board member, and his inbox has been exposed by hackers. In it, we see deal terms that suggest Snapchat paid $15 million for Vergence Labs, which makes frames for glasses. The terms say Snapchat paid $11 million in cash and $4 million in stock.

So if Obama puts North Korea back on the terror list because it used the Internet to destroy private property in the U.S., maybe he’ll put China, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Russia on there, too.  There’s certainly plenty of evidence.

Either way, it’s bad news for Google as it won’t be able to lay down that Google Fiber for another generation.  But that’s OK, they’ll get there eventually.