If You Hate Work, You Will Love Obamacare

Bizarre statement from Jay Carnie this week: Job lock stops Americans from following their dream, now we can all have our medical care subsidized by the government (meaning “the collective” or as techno utopians would say, “the community”) if we don’t like our jobs.

Problem is that some pundits–including conservatives like Weekly Standard–have taken this up to say “if you want to be an artist” or “if you want to be a musician” you can quit your job and you’ll be covered by Obamacare.

This is really not funny if you are a musician trying to stay alive while the government erodes private property rights and lets pretty much anyone who wants to steal copies of our music and lets political cronies like Google sell advertising and dance on our graves.  It also belittles people who choose music or the arts as a career.

Which doesn’t mean that it’s absolute insanity to argue this “job lock” as yet another way to undermine the economy and the tenant of hard work that is at the core of the City on a Hill.  This is trying to get us on a reduced work like southern Europe and it’s all worked out so well there.

But you don’t need to ridicule musicians and artists who struggle harder than ever to make that point unless you’re also willing to enforce the law and protect artist rights like you would anyone else.


Bob Parson’s Tribute to USMC: Remembering Vets

It’s way too easy now for Americans to completely miss the fact that we have troops that are “looking at the elephant” on the front lines, not to mention our Special Ops warriors who keep us safe.  Today is a good day to remember all of those troops who don’t get a tour of the Situation Room in the White House because they’re not Will Smith or Jay-Z.

When you see troops in the airport or at dinner thank them for their service, please.’

Musicians love Bob Parsons because he stuck with us on SOPA for a long time.  He’s a good guy and he stood up when we needed him.  He’s not afraid to tell a thief that they stole.

And standing up to Google when you are in the tech business takes Marine-size balls.

Dana Loesch and the Real Culture War For Conservatives (@dloesch nails it again)

Dana Loesch frequently makes the point that until conservatives are better able to use the popular culture, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.  Dana also made the point in an interview with guitarist Dez Dickerson (check out the Dana show podcast from Nov 8) that the Romney campaign rejected marketing help from entertainment industry conservatives when it was offered.

I actually know this to be true because I personally know of instances where very insightful help was offered and rejected by the Romney campaign.  You know, it’s not so much that they rejected the help.  It was the way the rejected the help.  Like old white guys.

Trying to get these Romney people to try something new from people who clearly knew better than they did was very much like a musician trying to get a credit card.  They look at you like you are something the cat dragged in–or more likely the housekeeper’s cat dragged in–and thank you very much like you just brought them a vodka martini to try when they asked you for gin.

And it’s not just the Romney people–it’s these country club Republican’s in general.  Dana and Dez nailed it: It’s like Republican Establishment types do not realize that there is now an entire generation that has been indoctrinated by the Boomleft teachers to reject the words “conservative” or “Republican” like Pavlov’s freaking dog.

Where did the radical lefties go after the rise of Reagan and the decline of the KGB?  Government and teaching.  They are embedded deeply in the two workforces that are nearly impossible to fire.  This is why they are the cockroaches that we will be dealing with the rest of their lives.

Is it any surprise now that Vlad is Back that you have Obama whispering messages to Medvedev?  The apparatus has a leader again and now they can go back to their dream of taking over the United States from within.

The big money in Hollywood is just “useful idiots” for this unholy alliance.  Andrew Sullivan could wake up conservative and nominated one day, and David Geffen will never support him as a Republican.

So what I take away from Dana and Dez is that we who know pop culture have to start somewhere with this Republican brand–it’s had 20 years of being used as a Pavolovian training tool by teachers who we can rarely fire and who are bankrupting our state economies.

Don’t forget–the best thing that ever happened to communists was Joe McCarthy.  If you so much as lift an eyebrow against a commie in school, you get the cluck cluck McCarthyism humilation from your teacher and the definite implication that your grades will suffer if you don’t back off.

I am a huge admirer of Dana’s efforts to home school her children, and I know many other mothers doing the same–because they want to keep their kids away from this coven of radicals that has taken over our schools.  But home schooling doesn’t deal the the indoctrination problem.  That requires confronting these teachers and demanding that they stop using our kids as vassals for the destruction of our country.

This is the real culture war, and that culture war starts at home.