Chaffetz abandons all pretext of conservative principles

The supposed grass roots conservative from Utah, Jason Chaffetz, has demonstrated conclusively that he is drinking the Koolaide inside the beltway.  The evidence?  Passing a bill of attainder to punish musicians and for the profit of a single group of crony capitalists!

The Daily Caller’s Mark Carello nails it:

So I was a little surprised, even taken aback, to see Rep. Jason Chaffetz  (R-UT), a committed conservative, introduce a bill that primarily helps this one  company receive a special government handout by lowering the standard the  government uses to set the price for that company’s input costs.

What? If you just did a double take, you didn’t read this incorrectly. The  digital music delivery company Pandora wants the government to lower the  standard it uses to set the price that Pandora pays for the music it delivers on  its service. The current standard is “what a willing buyer would pay a willing  seller” in the marketplace.

And what’s wrong with that standard? It’s bad enough the government is in the  price-setting business in the first place, but at least it has to try to set the  price at a rate that tries to mimic the marketplace. Pandora is lobbying to  replace that market-based rate standard with a subsidized below-market one. And  Rep. Chaffetz is carrying their water.