If You Hate Work, You Will Love Obamacare

Bizarre statement from Jay Carnie this week: Job lock stops Americans from following their dream, now we can all have our medical care subsidized by the government (meaning “the collective” or as techno utopians would say, “the community”) if we don’t like our jobs.

Problem is that some pundits–including conservatives like Weekly Standard–have taken this up to say “if you want to be an artist” or “if you want to be a musician” you can quit your job and you’ll be covered by Obamacare.

This is really not funny if you are a musician trying to stay alive while the government erodes private property rights and lets pretty much anyone who wants to steal copies of our music and lets political cronies like Google sell advertising and dance on our graves.  It also belittles people who choose music or the arts as a career.

Which doesn’t mean that it’s absolute insanity to argue this “job lock” as yet another way to undermine the economy and the tenant of hard work that is at the core of the City on a Hill.  This is trying to get us on a reduced work like southern Europe and it’s all worked out so well there.

But you don’t need to ridicule musicians and artists who struggle harder than ever to make that point unless you’re also willing to enforce the law and protect artist rights like you would anyone else.