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The Connection Between Peshawar Massacre and the Guantanamo Bay Golf Course and Resort

Obama just sent another big Feliz Navidad to both Cuba and the Taliban by executive fiat–Obama orders the Pentagon to release another four terrorists to join the mob that murdered children in Peshawar.  Obama crosses another order from the Soros exit memo–reward the enemies of average Americans and swell their ranks, lift their morale and move one step closer to shutting down Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba in Fidel Castro’s lifetime.

This from Reuters:

The continued detention of Afghans at Guantanamo – eight remain there – has long been deeply unpopular across the ideological spectrum in Afghanistan.

The release comes at a time when most U.S. troops are due to leave Afghanistan by year-end even as Taliban insurgents are intensifying their bloody campaign to re-establish their hardline Islamist regime that was toppled in a U.S.-backed military intervention in 2001.

All four men – identified as Shawali Khan, Khi Ali Gul, Abdul Ghani and Mohammed Zahir – were originally detained on suspicion of being members of the Taliban or affiliated armed groups.

But a second senior U.S. official said: “Most if not all of these accusations have been discarded and each of these individuals at worst could be described as low-level, if even that.”

The Afghan government gave the United States “security assurances” for the treatment of the former prisoners and was expected to reunite them with their families, the official said.

And this from Fox News:

Before Obama can close Guantanamo, he faces the challenge of working out what to do with any detainees who aren’t cleared for transfer — either because the United States wants to prosecute them or continuing holding them because they are considered too dangerous to release. Congress has passed legislation blocking detainees from coming to the U.S. for detention or trial.

Some Guantanamo opponents are questioning whether the United States has the authority to continue detaining prisoners captured in the Afghan conflict after the end of combat operations at year’s end.

“We will certainly expect to see legal challenges to continued detention at the end of hostilities, which is just in a couple weeks,” said J. Wells Dixon, an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights. Dixon has assisted on the case of Khan, whom he says detained “on the flimsiest of allegations” that were “never fully investigated.”

Now we know what Eric Holder will do when he leaves the Justice Department–join the Guantanamo Bay Bar Association.

But Obama needs to get a move on if he’s going to give Fidel the big Feliz Navidad of turning over Gitmo to the Cubans before Fidel kicks the bucket.  That will make all the Howard Zinn-ites like Obama happier than pardoning Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn.


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